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Interns are Important to Us at Fajarbaru


Yam Choon How from Kampung Baru, Bagan Samak, Kedah is one of our bright interns at Fajarbaru. The 25-year-old is an undergraduate from Politeknik Ungku Omar (PUO), pursuing a Bachelor in Civil Engineering Technology with Honours. Recommended by the Master Builders Association Malaysia (MBAM) to complete his Work-Based Learning (WBL) season with Fajarbaru, his responsibilities include supporting his Technical Manager and Technical Engineer throughout their daily tasks.

Please share with us some of the highlights of your internship with Fajarbaru.

I worked on many projects during my internship – I would say I have been most excited about the learning experience, as well as the new environment here. At Fajarbaru, I am in awe of the calibre of projects the company works on. The work of tendering documents in particular is a new challenge, especially understanding the calculation methods involved, as well as the documentational requirements for each project. 

How has COVID-19 impacted your experience?

Like most people, COVID-19 has definitely affected me. I am unable to go for site visits – which means quite a few missed experiences! On the other hand, this has given me the opportunity to learn hands-on from my mentors and to fully understand how a prominent construction company like Fajarbaru operates in a daily basis. This steep learning curve has enabled me to learn and gain new priceless experiences. 

Have you been able to apply some of your education to your internship?

Certainly – It has been an enlightening experience applying the theories taught by my lecturers at PUO, which proved to be very helpful with my work here at Fajarbaru. The transition from the lecture halls to real-life application of theories and information was a very exciting one for me, and I am happy to be able to put it to good use – whether in brainstorming sessions or discussions, particularly in conversations that revolve around the planning of up-and-coming projects. 

How will you share your experiences here with your peers?

After I complete my training period here at Fajarbaru, I look forward to preparing a presentation for my lecturers back at PUO. This presentation will be a showcase of my experience, and will detail the work that I have done here. I can proudly say that Fajarbaru has been the perfect environment to foster my own personal growth. With very supportive and understanding managers, my experience has been nothing but positive.

For the hands-on learning experience and the culture, I would definitely recommend an internship at Fajarbaru Builder Group. Word of advice, though – some prior research and learning on document preparation and the theoretical / calculation aspect of things will be very helpful in the long run. These are fundamentals that will definitely help newcomers settle in, and absorb quicker and better. 


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