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To be the most valued construction and property company in the markets we serve.


With stakeholder satisfaction as our core, we further focus on individual goals to achieve the bigger collective aspiration.
1. Shareholders
To create value for our shareholders by consistently improving our profitability and growth, and ultimately deliver superior returns on their investment.
2. Customers
To achieve highest level of customer satisfaction through reliable and timely delivery, innovative and cost-effective products and solutions, without compromising on quality and safety.
3. Technology
To constantly update ourselves with the latest technology and embrace it, while utilising relevants skills to improve our efficiency.
4. Associates
To be the preferred business partner, consultant and supplier; to have a relationship based on respect, professionalism and ethics.
5. Employees
To create value for our employees by providing better growth opportunities.
6. Communities
To create a sustainable future for our stakeholders and the society by preserving the environment, be responsible, and be active in the development of a better society and economy.


The Fajarbaru Group of Companies leads the way in business by observing the following set of values:
Placing utmost importance on corporate integrity and accepting full responsibility on actions taken within business endeavours.
Commitment to provide products and services of the highest quality in a timely manner to achieve consistent customer satisfaction.
Safety must be at the forefront of decision-making and never compromise the safety of employees, customers, business associates and community.
Continuous improvement of services rendered with a dynamic approach to challenge existing practices without hesitation.
Function collectively as a team to achieve business objectives in an honest and respectful environment by accepting various differences and opinions as being equally valid.










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