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Meet Anisah...

My name is Anisah. I have worn many hats throughout the span of my career - Clerk, Technical Clerk, Accounts Assistant, Receptionist, Project Assistant and now - Contract Administrator.

It never occurred to me that I would one day be working in a large company that spans beyond Malaysian borders. I was floating around jobs in the early 90s, and I knew I needed to support myself - I also knew that I had a drive to succeed and to contribute to a larger cause. Opportunities were not coming fast and thick at the time, but somehow, I landed an interview for an entry-level position at Fajarbaru. Much to my surprise, I was hired.

Thereby began my journey for the next 28 years, in a place I have now come to call my second home. I first walked through these doors in 1992 as a clerk. Although I cannot say I planned to stay employed here for my entire career, I did plan on working for the company for as long as it challenged me.

Throughout my time here, my responsibilities continuously grew and evolved. Early on, we did not have the large team that we have today, so adaptability was important. Throughout the years, I have been called upon to assist in the accounts and project departments… and even tried my hand as a receptionist!

I have discovered through these experiences that ‘teamwork really does make the dream work’. Fajarbaru gave me an opportunity to learn from many great mentors, on some projects that would eventually turn out to be among the biggest the country has ever seen.

Working on large-scale projects does come with its own set of challenges and I have learned that the key to overcoming adversities starts from within. Although I received training, encouragement and guidance from my bosses and colleagues, it is important to have self-discipline and raw determination to push through, even when times get hard, and it almost certainly always does.

The new normal our world is experiencing has changed the way I work. From rotating my workplace between home and the office, the implemented Standard Operating Procedures and working around the uncertain landscape of the pandemic; these changes have really been a shock to the system. Thankfully, the many challenges I have faced together with the team for almost three decades have prepared me for such a drastic change. 

Today, Fajarbaru is a different place. Our family has grown tremendously and I could not be any prouder. It has been a great experience and opportunity to be with Fajarbaru for all these years, I have enjoyed every moment that the positive working environment at Fajarbaru has given me.

It is truly exciting to know that even now, there is still much more to learn, and I look forward to grasping this knowledge for many more years to come.



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