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My name is Zul

As a Health and Safety Officer, I’ve had the privilege to work with a diverse team from countries all around the world. This job has taught me a thing or two about communication. The team started growing rapidly and it was a challenge to communicate with them because of language barriers.

However, I tried my best to learn and adopt effective communication, because I believe communication can be the biggest determining factor between success and failure. I have been a part of the Fajarbaru family for over three years now, overseeing the safety of hundreds of employees. Everyday, I make sure to carry out a short briefing to ensure everyone is in good mental and physical health. I also check the team's Personal Protective Equipment and perform inspections on all the machinery.

Working here has helped me in a lot of ways. Fajarbaru has invested in me and sent me for trainings to improve myself, which has contributed to my confidence and leadership skills. The management acknowledges the team, and they know how hard we work. It really does make a difference and it drives me to work better and harder.

These past few months have been quite the experience. A lot of changes happened due to the COVID-19 pandemic - but i believe adapting to changes are just another part of my job. We follow all guidelines given by the authorities and government strictly. A lot of things have been added into my tasks, especially with the new SOPs placed before entering sites - but we just have to adapt to the new normal, and I believe we have successfully done that.

My job comes with many challenges, but one of the main things it gives me is satisfaction. It’s different everyday. It provides me with the opportunity to think on my feet, try new things, meet new people, work on important projects, and to continually push my limits. So in many ways, I hope my job still remains challenging.

It’s been almost 4 years now and it really warms my heart that I am able to contribute to the ongoing development of Malaysia through Fajarbaru.

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